The Best Food Resources


If you google “best food sites” you’re apt to come up with a list 5 miles long.  Personally, I’d rather spend all my free moments cooking or being on pinterest so I like a more condensed version.  Here are my top picks:

  1. America’s Test Kitchen – hands down the best source today for making great food easy.  They have a PBS show (sometimes called Cook’s Country) but these guys have a WEALTH of resources and incredibly well designed recipes.  Their website is great but see the cookbooks below, that’s where their true value is.  Also, check out your checkstands (mostly at places like Sunflower/Sprouts).  They put out a monthly “magazine” and it has TERRIFIC best of the best recipes.
  2. Good Eats – I’ll be honest, the Food Network website blows.  I’m not a huge fan of Alton’s cook books, but his website and quick videos are awesome.  He knows every detail about the cooking process.
  3. Dinner: A Love Story – This website is so fun.  She does everything from taste tests to quick meals.  I may not always feel like tackling some of her recipes, but it’s good stuff.
  4. Smitten Kitchen – Not only is her writing style hilarious, but her recipes are pretty killer.  More than any site out there I tend to drool when thinking about this one.
  1. America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook –  Need a how-to guide for everything kitchen?  It’s here.  You aren’t serious about cooking if you don’t own this.  All of my friends own it because I bought it for them and forced it into their hands as a christmas gift.  It makes a GREAT wedding present as it’s massive and as they learn to love it, they’ll remember that you got it for them.  It has product reviews for EVERYTHING, so many basic recipes and is my go-to.
  2. Joy of Cooking – Before you buy this (and I hesitate to say this) but raid your mother’s cabinets.  The old versions (falling apart and grease stained) put out the best recipes.  These are mildly messed with by editors but overall is still a great resource.
  3. America’s Test Kitchen Complete Cookbook – I warn you, this cookbook does not have tons of pictures.  Get into ATK (America’s Test Kitchen) first, then you will see the value in this book as it has approximately 8 bajillion recipes in it.  When I get antsy and want to try something new (but I’m not feeling ballsy enough to make it up) this is my absolute go to.  See the note above about their website.



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