I want this website to be useful.  So when I tell you in a recipe to dice an onion, you know how and if you don’t, there’s a video for you to watch.  Especially all those “easy” things that recipe writers assume home cooks know.  Here are my goals/hopes/dreams/desires for the website:

  1. Recipes — from incredibly simple to a little challenging.  I like giving recipes for things you shouldn’t need recipes to.  Then once you have that skill you never need the recipe again.  Hopefully I’ll post a new recipe every week.
  2. Tips & Tricks — everything from how-to videos to average prices of meat and what’s a deal.  These will be added as I see fit and as I get questions.
  3. Ask Lauren — a section for you to ask me a question about cooking, or whatever.
  4. Meal Planning — every week (my goal is Wednesday, since sales go Wed.-Tues.) I’ll post what the local stores have on great sale and what my plan is to cook for the next week.  With linked recipes once I get them all added too.  I usually don’t shop until Saturday, but it never hurts to plan.


No one in my family can really cook.  They all make do, but let’s just say I didn’t grow up with the most eventful dinners. Ground chuck hamburgers for dinner again?  Yay!  I get to pick the frozen vegetable? Double yay!  There’s nothing wrong with that – I think it just made me realize that you could take lots of those same ingredients and with a little more time and curiosity you could have some great food.  Or more than what I refer to at the “it’ll do” meal.

I wouldn’t consider myself a fabulous cook, but I do make good food – and I’ve figured out a lot of ways to make good food easily.   I had a friend say to me several years ago that the kitchen is just scary.  Even though she knows basic stuff, she felt like she was missing so many tools (literally and figuratively) to make real food without an effort.

That’s when it dawned on me.  So many people only spend real time in the kitchen when they tackle a huge project.  They start off making Beef Wellington.  Of course it’s going to be difficult, of course it’s not going to turn out perfectly and of course you’re going to be left with a bad taste in your mouth.  Who wants to spend any more time in the kitchen after an experience like that?  I once made onion soup so bad I didn’t cook for a month.  I can still taste the burned onions.

So the whole purpose of this is to give you the skills you need to one day tackle that crazy overwhelming dish.  To teach you basic things so you can modify dishes on the go and always be able to come up with a meal no matter how little is in your fridge.  None of my recipes will be super difficult, but some may challenge you.  It’s my goal to help you always learn by linking in a little video or explaining things that lots of times go unexplained in recipes (tell me again, what is sweating and should my pan be on fire while I’m doing it?).

This will be a place where average effort can result in great dinners.  Of course when you spend $100 on ingredients and 3 hours dinner is going to taste good.  But what if it was $10 instead and about 25 minutes?

I’m learning every day and as you’ll see I am CONSTANTLY “borrowing” recipes from other food bloggers, magazines and tv shows.  There is no shame in that.  Recipes have lots of helpful information and as you get better you’ll find you know which parts of the recipes are bendable (usually most of them).  I tend to never leave a recipe alone because what’s the fun in that?  It’s like measuring — it’s overrated.


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