Meal Planning and Sales 7/11-7/17


July 12, 2012 by Lauren

As always these are sales for the Northern Colorado area.  Lots of stores run national sales though, so except for meat and milk everything else usually sticks.  If you’re curious about your store simply click below on the store name and enter your zip code for your own circular.


  • Ben and Jerry’s – 2/$6
  • Black Plums – $.99/lb
  • Breyer’s Ice Cream – 2/$6
  • Claussen Pickles – BOGO
  • Doritos – BOGO
  • Extra Jumbo Raw Shrimp – BOGO (deal if it’s $5.99/lb or less)
  • New York Strip Steak – $5.99/lb
  • Star Olive Oil – BOGO (great deal, stock up)
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese – BOGO
  • Chicken Leg Quarters – $.79/lb

King Soopers:

  • Blackberries/Raspberries – 2/$3
  • Avocados – 10/$10
  • London Broil – $3.99/lb (almost cheapest of year)
  • Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts – $1.99/lb
  • King Sooper’s Bratwurst – 2/$6
  • Dozen Large Eggs – 4/$5
  • Kroger Cheese – $1.99 (if you’re ok with frozen cheese I’d stock up)
  • King Sooper’s Butter – $2.29
  • Oroweat Bread – 2/$5
  • Buy 10 save $5 – they have a ton on this list


  • Northwest Cherries – $1.49/lb
  • Green Grapes – $.99/lb
  • Cucumber, Bell Peppers or Onions – $.49 each
  • Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast – $1.77/lb (cheapest I’ve ever seen)
  • Assorted Handmade Chicken Sausages – $2.99/lb


  • Northwest Cherries – $1.49/lb
  • Green Grapes – $.99/lb
  • Green Bell Peppers – 3/$1 each
  • Watermelon – 4lbs/$1
  • Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast – $1.77/lb (cheapest I’ve ever seen)
  • Assorted Handmade Chicken Sausages – $2.99/lb


My Meal Plan:

  1.  London Broil – I’ll do this as a blog post.  It’s a terrific way to do “steak” especially on the cheap.  It’s one large steak you marinate, grill and then cut into thin strips.  That’s terrific for dinner alone, but also makes leftovers for next day salads or sandwiches.  These steaks freeze fabulously so I’ll pick up 4 extras and foodsaver/freeze them.
  2. Chicken Caesar Salad – It’s simple and cheap (hey, and healthy!).  I like to grill chicken breasts and cook a few too many.  This makes a quick lunch salad super easy.
  3. Toasted Ravioli – I’m not feeling super inspired by the sales so this is an easy freezer meal.  I’ve got some of those (from BOGO sales obviously) in the freezer.  It’s a saucy pasta dish with a loose tomato and cream sauce.
  4. Chicken Sate Skewers – grilled chicken is simple, so we’ll amp it up and keep it simple.  Coconut milk marinated with an amazing peanut dipping sauce.  Yum.


  1. Emily M. says:

    Ok, I need all those recipes…NOW!

  2. Lauren says:

    Toasted rav I just have to finesse (I make it differently every time – was that one can or two…meh, whatever) but I’ll make sure to get grill pizza and london broil up asap since those are great summer bits!

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